Summer Socializing Making A Splash

After what seemed like an eternity to many stuck inside the house due to the COVID-19 pandemic, America is finally attempting to slowly but surely resume to normal. Although many events have been cancelled for this Summer to continue the practice of social distancing, Nelson Ledges Quarry Park located in Garrettsville, Ohio has announced they will be opening back up this season. NLQP is a state park and campground, featuring beautiful woods, a sandy beach, and a clean, filtered quarry of water. Visitors are able to camp out in the woods during the open seasons, enjoy fires on the beach, swim or canoe in the quarry, and enjoy music on the beach’s stage or food and merchandise from vendors near by. They even offer massages. There’s no telling what this season will be like, with many events still on a standstill. But Nelson Ledges Quarry Park is set to open back up on May 21st. Their Facebook states to “Stay tuned, details to come!”

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