The Wrestle Report Card. Subject: AEW All Out 2020

Poster for the Fite TV PPV Stream

AEW presented their third PPV of 2020, All Out, on Saturday September 5th live from Daily’s Place in Jacksonville, Florida.  The event featured 11 matches including 3 Championship Matches.  The first two matches were featured for free on the AEW’s YouTube Page as part of a pregame show entitled “The Buy In”

“Buy In” Match 1:  Joey Janela defeated Serpentico in 7:35

Grade:  2.5 Stars, (C).  This was a rehab match for Janela after he lost to Chris Jericho the previous Wednesday on Dynamite.  Serpentico looked good in a losing effort too.  I wish AEW had more for Janela because he has the potential to be a modern day Mick Foley if featured as such.

“Buy In” Match 2:  Private Party defeated The Dark Order (Alex Reynolds & John Silver) in 10:25

Grade:  2.25 Stars, (C).  This was a battle of two of the middle of tbe road teams in AEW.  Reynolds & Silver are part of the larger Dark Order group and known for constantly losing. The trend would continue as Private Party picked up the win to presumably make the Top 5 Rankings in the AEW Tag Team Division.

Match 1: Big Swoll defeated Dr. Britt Baker in a “Tooth & Nail” Match at 10:00

Grade: 1 Star, (D-). The Tooth & Nail Match took place in Dr. Britt Baker’s Dentist Office. The two ladies brawled in and out of the office in an uninteresting fashioned. Big Swoll ended the match by sticking a needle of “novocaine” in Baker’s leg and putting a gas mask on Baker before pinning her on the dentist chair. This match wasn’t good and how do you let someone beat you up on your job site?

Match 2: The Young Bucks defeated The Jurassic Express in 14:50

Grade: 3.5 Stars, (B). This was an incredible tag team match. While, The Bucks winning was predictable, as they cemented their status as the Number One Contenders for the AEW World Tag Team Titles, Luchasarus & Jungle Boy are future superstars. Their time to shine has yet to come in AEW, but when that time comes they have shown they will be more then ready for the increased spotlight.

Match 3: Lance Archer won the Casino Battle Royale in 22:15

Grade: 2.75 Stars, (C). This is a condensed Royal Rumble Match. The differences are that instead of two men starting, five men start, and every 3 minutes thereafter another five men enter until 20 men enter. 3 minutes later, a 21st man, The Joker enters to complete the field. This was a nice showcase of the AEW mid card. Lance Archer won the match to earn a future AEW World Championship Match. The ending of the battle royal had a few glitches, including Matt Sydal missing a Shooting Star Press, but overall a really fun match.

Match 4: Matt Hardy defeated Sammy Guevera in a Broken Rules Match at 9:00

Grade: 0 Stars, (F-). This was a Last Man Standing Match. Wow, this was the most controversial match on the show and for very valid reasons. AEW deserves all the negative publicity they get for allowing Matt Hardy to continue the match after that spear from the top of the forklift certainly causing a concussion. AEW officials claimed multiple times that Hardy passed Concussion Protocol and was cleared by the doctor in a matter of minutes. How is that even possible?!?! Given Hardy’s age, injury history, and history of drug abuse, the match should of immediately had been stopped. It was obvious to Stevie Wonder that Hardy was not all right at all even if he did pass a concussion test. And what makes matters worse is that the match continued but went right to the end which saw both men climb a scaffold and Hardy knock Guevara off the scaffold through a very padded stage for the win. Um, who thought it was a good idea to have an injured Hardy climb up and down a scaffold? Dr. Kevorkian? As bad as 2020 has been and as cursed as this feud has been, it’s a relief that Hardy didn’t become this generation’s Owen Hart, for all the wrong reasons. I really hope Hardy makes a full recovery and this does not cause a relapse of Hardy’s previous drug addiction.

Match 5: AEW Women’s World Champion Hikaru Shida defeated NWA Women World’s Champion Thunder Rosa in 16:57

Grade: 3 Stars, (B-). These two had a good match, but it seemed like they were sent out to the ring to die. In that, it was hard for the limited fans in the arena and a lot of fans watching at home to get into the action. I also thought Rosa phoned it in a little bit not wanting to get injured before the NWA restarts later this month. All that being said, this was still one of the best matches in the AEW Women’s Division. It is also an indictment on how the Women’s Division is handled if an outsider is needed to put on a PPV caliber of match.

Match 6: The Natural Nightmares, Scorpio Sky, & Matt Cardona defeated The Dark Order (AEW TNT Champion Mr. Brodie Lee, Colt Cabana, Evil Uno, & Stu Grayson) in 15:10

Grade: 2.5 Stars, (C). This was an average multi man tag team match as the Nughtmare Family was looking for revenge for their leader Cody who was destroyed when Lee won the TNT title a few weeks ago. Dustin was especially looking for revenge on Lee and he woukd get a measure of it when he pinned Cabana after he missed a moonsault. The victory would earn Dustin a TNT Championship Match this Wednesday on Dynamite.

Match 7: FTR defeated AEW World Tag Team Champions Kenny Omega & Hangman Adam Page to win the titkes at 29:40.

Grade: 4 Stars, (A-). This match was anticipated to be an all time classic, and while it failed to meet those expectations it was still great. My expectations weren’t that lofty, so I enjoyed this match a little more then most. Still at this point in the show, fatigue was starting to set in, not only on me but the live crowd as well. This was the longest show during the pandemic and it really felt like it. All that being said, this match deserves a fresh viewing. The title win for FTR seemingly sets up the inevitable showdown with the Young Bucks and continued the storyline between Omega, Page, and the rest of the Elite.

Match 8: Orange Cassidy defeated Chrus Jericho in a Mimosa Mayhem Match at 15:15

Grade: 4 Stars, (A-). This was a tough match to grade due to the stipulation where you could win by pinfall, submission, or submerging your opponent in a vat of Mimosa. Of course Jericho took the plunge. This has been AEW’s feud of the year so far. Jericho has done everything you can ask of for a veteran in this role and has legitimately made Orange Cassidy into a superstar. Now let’s see what AEW has in store for both men next.

Match 9: AEW World Champion Jon Moxly defeated MJF in 23:40

Grade: 4.25 Stars, (A). What an old school World Title Match. This was a lot of fun for those that enoy the art of professional wrestling. Even though MJF lost, he cemented his place as a Main Eventer and future World Champion. The ending also leaves the door open for a future rematch even though Lance Archer is a future challenger as well.

Final Grade: 2.7 Stars, (C). This was easily AEW’s worst PPV so far, but it was still slightly above average. The last three matches are certainly worth seeing along with The Young Bucks and Women’s Title Match. But if you praise the good it’s only fair to criticize the bad. The Tooth & Nail Match didn’t belong on PPV. Sadly, this PPV will be remembered for the handling of Matt Hardy’s injury. Hopefully no wrestling company puts a performer’s safety at such risk again. However given the culture of wrestling it might take a true tragedy to spark true change.

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