Hell In A Cell Fantasy Tournament presented by Marks On A Mission

The following is a fantasy tournament created by Gemini Joe of Marks on a Mission Wrestling Podcast with all matches being held inside the Hell In A Cell.  The seeds were determined by when the Superstars made their Hell In A Cell debuts.  Don’t forget to see our video review of our breakdown of this tournament on Facebook Live premiering Tuesday at 7 PM EDT and listen to our podcast on your favorite Podcasting Platforms.

Without further or do here’s my fantasy tournament.  We’ll be discussing the tournament on our podcast but if you’re wondering why I came up with the result I did just leave a comment on Facebook.

Qualifying Matches
Seth Rollins defeated Dean Ambrose

Roman Reigns defeated Daniel Bryan
Bray Wyatt defeated Paul Heyman

Rusev defeated Ryback

Mark Henry defeated Kevin Owens

Jack Swagger defeated Jey Uso

Dolph Ziggler defeated Jimmy Uso

Big E. defeated Alberto Del Rio.

Sheamus defeated Xavier Woods

Jeff Hardy defeated Ted Dibiase Jr.

Cody Rhodes defeated Braun Strowman

First Round
Shawn Michaels defeated Seth Rollins

Shane McMahon defeated The Big Show

The Rock defeated Sheamus

Kurt Angle defeated Big E.

Kane defeated Mark Henry

Brock Lesnar defeated John Cena

CM Punk defeated Kevin Nash

Mick Foley defeated Rusev

Steve Austin defeated Bray Wyatt

Edge defeated Batista

Chris Jericho defeated Cody Rhodes

Jack Swagger defeated The Big Bossman

Triple H defeated Dolph Ziggler

Jeff Hardy defeated Rikishi

Randy Orton defeated Mr. McMahon

The Undertaker defeated Roman Reigns

Second Round
Shawn Michaels defeated Shane McMahon

Kurt Angle defeated The Rock

Brock Lesnar defeated Kane

CM Punk defeated Mick Foley

Steve Austin defeated Edge

Chris Jericho defeated Jack Swagger

Triple H defeated Jeff Hardy

Randy Orton defeated The Undertaker

Shawn Michaels defeated Kurt Angle

Brock Lesnar defeated CM Punk

Chris Jericho defeated Steve Austin

Triple H defeated Randy Orton

Brock Lesnar defended Shawn Michaels

Triple H defeated Chris Jericho

Brock Lesnar defeated Triple H

Disagree with my tournament? Who do you think would win. Let us know in the comments.

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