“Jeny” Mystery Revealed

If you follow this newsletter, you may remember an article about a unique advertising campaign revolving around the slogan “#WHOISJENY”. Well, it turns out Jeny isn’t a “who” at all, it’s a “what”. You see, “Jeny” is actually a radio station for millennials, also referred to as “Generation Y” (you see where this is going). That’s right, it isn’t pronounced “Jeny” at all, it’s “Gen … Continue reading “Jeny” Mystery Revealed

Metropolitan Coffee, A Local Gem

I know there’s bias in every article ever written, it’s impossible for human beings not to have at least some unconscious opinion on any given topic. That being said, I do feel some obligation to mention that I started working at this place about a month ago so I’m mildly inclined to think it’s super awesome. Firstly, the entire place is a nut free zone, … Continue reading Metropolitan Coffee, A Local Gem

Tips On Getting Caught Up

It’s the most wonderful time of year! That workload avalanche created by impressive amounts of procrastination has finally consumed you. Fear not, these simple tips may stand to benefit you: 1.Get started! Planning out how you are going to work is not work, it’s just disguised procrastination. 2. Make it manageable. That being said, listing out what you actually need to do can make your … Continue reading Tips On Getting Caught Up