Disney+ Is Finally Here!

In a world full of division and opposing differences, there’s only one thing that I could find that we could all agree on. Ending world hunger? No. The finale of Games Of Thrones that could’ve obviously been written better? Nope! Rick and Morty made a great comeback for animation geeks like me? Not even that! We could all agree that the Disney franchise is an … Continue reading Disney+ Is Finally Here!

Wade Oval Wednesday

Wednesday; The Perfect Day

     Wow… Wednesday. Unofficially known as Hump day. The day that holds you hostage in-between the moans of Monday and your personal TGIF. You watch the clock praying for the days end yet time never moves fast enough. Finally, your reprieve comes and the business day is over nevertheless, your mind races to the long traffic patterns ahead and the leftover casserole you dread to eat. … Continue reading Wednesday; The Perfect Day