Hell In A Cell Fantasy Tournament presented by Marks On A Mission

The following is a fantasy tournament created by Gemini Joe of Marks on a Mission Wrestling Podcast with all matches being held inside the Hell In A Cell.  The seeds were determined by when the Superstars made their Hell In A Cell debuts.  Don’t forget to see our video review of our breakdown of this tournament on Facebook Live premiering Tuesday at 7 PM EDT … Continue reading Hell In A Cell Fantasy Tournament presented by Marks On A Mission

Marks On A Mission Mock 2020 WWE Draft Results

Last Tuesday on The Marks On A Mission Wrestling Podcast, Gemini Joe & Mahesh held a mock 2020 WWE Draft in preperation for the real WWE Draft on this week’s Friday Night Smackdown & Monday Night RAW.  You can check out more information on the podcast on their Facebook Page and listen to replays of  their shows on your favorite podcast platforms.  Check out their … Continue reading Marks On A Mission Mock 2020 WWE Draft Results

Summer Socializing Making A Splash

After what seemed like an eternity to many stuck inside the house due to the COVID-19 pandemic, America is finally attempting to slowly but surely resume to normal. Although many events have been cancelled for this Summer to continue the practice of social distancing, Nelson Ledges Quarry Park located in Garrettsville, Ohio has announced they will be opening back up this season. NLQP is a … Continue reading Summer Socializing Making A Splash

Awareness Beyond COVID-19

The Coronavirus, social distancing, hoarding, and quarantine. All terms many people have come to hear, use, and experience. The news, work place, stores, and wherever else one may be, have been buzzing about this pandemic. Everywhere you turn, Coronavirus updates or opinions are a common topic of discussion. Although we need to stay on top of this pandemic in order to lower the risk of … Continue reading Awareness Beyond COVID-19

“Jeny” Mystery Revealed

If you follow this newsletter, you may remember an article about a unique advertising campaign revolving around the slogan “#WHOISJENY”. Well, it turns out Jeny isn’t a “who” at all, it’s a “what”. You see, “Jeny” is actually a radio station for millennials, also referred to as “Generation Y” (you see where this is going). That’s right, it isn’t pronounced “Jeny” at all, it’s “Gen … Continue reading “Jeny” Mystery Revealed