Awareness Beyond COVID-19

The Coronavirus, social distancing, hoarding, and quarantine. All terms many people have come to hear, use, and experience. The news, work place, stores, and wherever else one may be, have been buzzing about this pandemic. Everywhere you turn, Coronavirus updates or opinions are a common topic of discussion. Although we need to stay on top of this pandemic in order to lower the risk of … Continue reading Awareness Beyond COVID-19

Five Influencers Who Look Nothing Like Their Instagram Photos

DISCLAIMER: This article is strictly for entertainment purposes. By no means is this post directed towards any influencer or anyone else in vindictive spite or in any negative form. Much respect is given to those who wish to do as they please no matter the opinions that the viewers hold – whether it’s positive or negative! This post is to shed light on self-love and … Continue reading Five Influencers Who Look Nothing Like Their Instagram Photos

Fire Up Your Metabolism

Its seems like a lifestyle close in comparison to being a Vegetarian. The Alkaline diet is also referred to as being a herbivore if you were a rabbit; you see how much energy they have. Alkaline foods consist of fruits, nuts, legumes, and vegetables. This diet helps balance the blood pH level of the fluids in your body; including blood and urine. Your body can … Continue reading Fire Up Your Metabolism