Five Influencers Who Look Nothing Like Their Instagram Photos

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Sen. Cory Booker Pressing on Hot Button Topics


In the dawn of turmoil and hatred being spread across this country, we are looking at leaders to stand up and make a path for us to follow. Upcoming leaders like Senator Cory Booker who is putting his foot in the treacherous waters for President in 2020. Senator Booker represents the constituents of New Jersey, with recent remarks and actions of the current administration such as the government agencies having scandal after scandal. Not even mentioning other events that have occurred over the past year or so from all parties and walks of life. There is an outrage from the grassroot movements to the middle class demanding answers to their current life situation. So much hatred being spread around the country and the opposition is growing like wildfire. Since, the campaign trail has started in 2016. The hot button issues are being pressed and steamed rolled by the Trump administration and this is going both ways from democrats and republicans.

A new face has stepped in the arena, which is Sen. Cory Booker by taking on the bigwigs. He is throwing solutions to the hot topics. For instance, Sen. Booker held rallies for his run in the 2020 presidential campaign trail. He has demonstrated his voice and solutions on the hot button issues. Where as other candidates dare not shed light on. There are many conditions among the few who has the mindset of allowing someone else be that poetic voice for minorities and less fortunate with his power and influence over others. You can be the judge in this case?


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